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Locked up && Sectioned Dreaming of being at home  

Under a section 3 (s3) you are detained in hospital for treatment. Treatment might be necessary your health, your safety or for the protection of other people. You can be detained for up to 6 months. Detention under s3 can be renewed for a further 6 months. After that, detention can be renewed for periods of one year at a time. Under s3 you can not refuse treatment. 
Theres no place like home Oh the feeling of going home. Come back from school, come back from work, open the door and relax, your home. It's a familiar place where you can feel safe. A hideout, a haven, a luxurious place.
How would you feel if you were taken from home? Locked up in a hospital and told you were ill? Not allowed to leave, not allowed to go home, how would you feel if this was the case.

Some people are depressed, psychotic or paranoid; struggling to eat, self harming or manic. The mental health team will assess you and watch you, ma…
Today starts #EDAW2017 Eating Disorders Awareness Week! This is a week to help raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding eating disorders. It is estimated that nearly 720,000 people suffer with some form of eating disorder in the UK; It's a shocking but a very real fact. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorders, which makes it more essential that it's caught early and proper medical attention is given.

As a young tenager girl, I was consumed with negative body images and had little self confidence. I struggled with a poor relationship with food and my health suffered. Like many young women and men, I didn't receive the right help and my eating disorder continued into adulthood.
Although I am now in control and have a much healthier relationship with food and exercise, I constantly have to monitor my urges and negative body image.

In my blog today, I write about all the things I wish I could have told my teenager self.

Oh how I wish I…